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You Can Also Order 'The 7 Rocks Of Life' From Amazon And Other Booksellers Below 

(But You Won't Get All Of The Amazing Bonuses Found On This Page)

You can also order 'The 7 Rocks of life' from Amazon and other Booksellers below

(But you won't get all of the amazing bonuses found on this page)

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Select a bookseller below to purchase your copy!

entrepreneur, writer, speaker, philanthropist, and influencer.
7 keys to filling up your life cup. tired of tech weighing you down? you're not alone. learn 7 areas to give you the balanced life you want..
 Learn More tips from research & proven methods to succeed!
There are two stories in life: The past & the one that is being created every day. Many stories are often expired stories that we should be learning from instead of presently living in, causing it to control our lives. In this inspiring book, you will learn the 7 Rocks Of Life that will give you:
  •  Balance: Fill up your cup of life properly.
  • Clarity: Visualize what YOUR story will be.
  • Inspiration: Create a life & story that inspires YOU.
You see, life is a series of "at bats" but you must keep swinging in the right areas of life to see you create your story your heart desires. Everyone has his or her own swing to achieve it. But there are fundamentals to every swing you take. These are the 7 areas of life that will be discussed in this book:
  • Spirituality
  • Relationships
  • Income Streams
  • Health
  • ​Organization
  • ​Finances
  • ​Personal Growth
what the people are saying
As someone who was personally mentored by Steve in the past, this book really hit home for me. He writes in a way that makes you feel like he's talking with you, not at you... a lot of us don't realize that we're already touching upon all these rocks in our own life - we just need little tweaks to complete the steps and feel more fulfilled :) Excited to see more books in the future! 
Loved everything about it. By far the best book i have ever read definitely a must read and definitely something to read multiple times as well. Definitely going to be implementing this into my life and I know it will definitely help me in many ways. 
As seen on
interview on the Donna Drake television show..

Learn how he Built two 7 figure companies by 25 years old, played professional baseball, author, entrepreneur & philanthropist.

 Friends of seven rock life!

Tank Sinatra
Instagram Influencer

John Maxwell

magic Johnson
NBA Legend

Marcus Lemonis
The Profit

Prince Ea
Motivational Speaker

"the 7 rocks of life" 
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Comedy • Relationships • Business • Entrepreneurship • Mindset 






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